Substance Abuse Resources

Public Defender clients can get help with:


Finding drug treatment options

Applying for admission to drug treatment

Seeking court approval for drug treatment

Parkersburg, WV

If you want help, don't wait. Make the call. 

You can get help finding treatment.  



Our Substance Abuse Treatment Coordinator, Whitney McAtee, serves as a liaison between clients and treatment centers and facilitates the admission of clients with all types of charges into drug treatment. Her job duties include:

  • Operating a clothing closet and hygiene initiative to provide clients with basic resources as they reenter the community and transition into a sober lifestyle.
  • Meeting with clients in office or while incarcerated to go over applications and program requirements
  • Communicating with statewide facilities to arrange bed dates and transportation of clients to and from treatment
  • Establishing relationships with community organizations to stay apprised of all available resources
  • Working with all necessary legal entities (probation, parole, attorney, etc.) to arrange suitable treatment options

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